We make sure all of the fabric used to make our costumes are carefully chosen. However, your costume should be handled, cleaned and stored properly. For information on how to care for your costume, take a look at the care instructions

Royal mini dots on black
Royal blue hologram
Sapphire blue mystique
Black mystique
Black hologram
Black silver hologram
Kelly green mystique
Light green Reflect
Teal hologram
Dark green shatterred glass hologram
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Seaweed green mystique
Mystique Lime Silver
Cafe Latte
Copper mini dots on black
Baby pink mystique
Fuchsia hologram
Fuchsia mystique
Magenta mystique
Royal purple mystique
Lavender mystique
Fuchsia pueple mystique
Purple blue spandex
Purple hologram
Raspberry mystique
Red mystique
Red hologram
Raspberry hologram
Aquablue sequin fabric
Lavender sequin fabric
Ivory sequin fabric
Red hologram sequins
Pink fuchsia sequin fabric
Red sequin fabric
Black sequin fabric
Green sequin fabric
Emerald sequin fabric
Hawaiian Mint
Aqua Reflect
Baby blue spandex
Matte mint
White silver mystique
White hologram spandex
Silver hologram